Dark spaces inside can be so quiet we don’t see. And those are probably the deepest. A lot will flood, but the flood will soon recede... the darkness lit and a freed heart

Fright and flight oozing from your eyes
The connection between you and me dies

All I needed was your touch
But learned to not miss it that much

With every cell of my being reaching out
Blood, guts, energy spills out

Leaving me empty like a shell
Learning to be quiet and not to tell

Shhhhhh, close your eyes and go to sleep
Before he hears you make a peep

All is buried and forgotten
In a misleading trash bin 
Still here, just buried
She peeps to be freed

Peeping louder and louder
To be held for sure

So I hold her because you couldn’t 
And I forgive you because you couldn’t •
And I forgive me because I couldn’t
Because you and I and her fill the dent

Of one Heart

Here with me I show her the way
To freedom and to trusting the play

Here in savasana we lay
Letting the universe show us the way