A B U N D A N C E. E M P T I N E S S.

Oil does not stack on top of cloth.

It absorbs in to it and spreads like wild fire.

Sometimes I can see. 

Other times, it seems very separate indeed.

When I can see, the world around me, me and my insides absorb in to each other.

A sonic boom sounds so loud, it's deafening.

It's all so calming around me with the highest of frequencies with in.

These dualistic energies become one.

So abundant.

The creation of my reality's definitive beginnings and endings.

I see it's creation from emptiness.

So empty. So open. So Infinite.

Just as so, this reality around me I've created,

crumbles in to darkness.

As though just a thought.

I am left standing in the emptiness,

clinging to this human.

The abundance with in all of this is acknowledged. 

Still, I cling.

Still, I see, discerning. Am I ready?

Abundance. Emptiness. It's all the same.