You Better Work (Covergirl), Work It Girl!

Man, oh man! How I miss my Yoga Community! 

I've been healing well and fast they say. At the moment, I'm waiting for a little more healing and then I will be ready for surgery #2! Then I'll really be on my way back! Woo! 

As more days pass being immobile, the patience I hold becomes a bit thinner each and every day. I will not give up though! I give myself the permission to cry and feel frustrated, and then work to replace with a positive thought. With the abundance of support from friends and family I have had around me and my savior, meditation, I give my blood, sweat and tears to find a shovel and dig deep for more patience, reminding myself of impermanence, gratitude, health and the facts. This usually makes me calm down and eventually move in to a more positive light. 

What thoughts can you replace?