You Do You and Face You

Photo Credit: Asli Akal

Photo Credit: Asli Akal

My good friend and photographer sent me a text this morning explaining that there is an app to make you thinner for Instagram. This was more or less a joke, knowingly that I promote posting real shots with no clean up on the body and so does she. But, she stumbled upon this app through a friend and just wanted to play.  

When she sent me the photo, I couldn't stop laughing hysterically. My body looks reconstructed and not even close to mine, except for maybe the skin tone. It baffles me that people hide from their reality by doing this on the regular. All I thought was, if I posted my pictures like this and then showed up to teach a class in my real body, that might create a conundrum. And that just made me laugh more.  

In all seriousness, why would you run away from your reality, knowingly that people who know u outside of Instagram will see your real body? Can you be okay with your reality? Can you face yourself and be with yourself? 

When the original of this photo came out, a friend of mine suggested I not post it because my arms in it are not a good advertisement for fitness. To clarify, I am not here to advertise a sick ass body. I'm here to promote yoga. Sure! I'm okay with catching the right angle, but let's not be delusional. That ain't me!

And if you don't come to my class because I wear my flab proud (haha), that's okay. I'm here to be another voice for real, yoga, discipline, humanness, connection and anything that inspires me... Because the more voices there are, the more someone might hear. Even though it is seemingly scary, share! 

Side note: I'm not a fitness instructor, I'm a yoga instructor. The physical for you and me is just the cherry on top.