A Teacher Within Each Of Us


Raided my closet and ready to go ✅ #MyMomIsPretty

This woman has gotten to the nitty gritty with me for these last 4 and a half weeks. She showers me, changes my clothes, helped me with the bathroom until a couple of weeks ago, organizes with me because she knows organizing feels like a fresh shower to me, takes me to all my PT sessions and takes me to get my hair washed. She knows how to make me feel good throughout this process, which makes it easier. She understands my loss of patience as she's been there too. And she reminds me that this is temporary and the uncomfort is my current circumstance.

Her being is yoga, servicing me, making me feel good and enlightening me.

Being human is painful with suffering. Yoga is here to ease that, amongst many other things. Everyday, I thank you India for gifting the world Yoga. I thank you Yoga for being the secret to all-well being. I thank you Mom, amongst many other people, for enlightening, reminding me of the Yoga.