You know how when you ask someone to do something and they're just not getting what you're asking for? So then you do it yourself and then it's accomplished and over with. Ahhhhh... 

Well, when you're a bit immobile and you ask for something, and they're just not getting it, and you oh so wanna get up and do it yourself... but alas, no. This makes for anything and everything to take much longer. Even if you are able to do it on your own, it goes much slower.

For 9 days, I had patience. Day 10 and 11, it began to wear thin. Everything became frustrating. My poor parents. They come here every day to help me get around and keep the house up. Sure, they're getting older and definitely can't contribute as much labor as my gracious neighbors/friends have. So, in addition to doing as much as they can, my father brings tons and tons of food for me and my neighbors. I had to dig so deep to find patience for those just trying to help, doing what they can when they don't have to. I kept saying sorry to my mom and reassuring her that I am grateful, I've just lost my patience today and am working on getting it back stat! After saying sorry, I began the work. Head management, reminding myself that they don't have to do this. And then something would happen and I would lose it again. It was a testy kind of day. 

Today I am doing my best to get it right. Every new moment, every new day, every new life, you are given another chance to get it right. Allow every exhale, sundown and death to be a symbol of the end, allowing for every inhale, sunrise and birth (or reincarnation) to be your chance to get it right.

<-••• M E D I T A T E •••->