In The Space Of Truth & Freedom Is Where You Find Love

We are already a month in to the new year. Crazy! As we move out of the month of January (a month that is filled with so many goals and resolutions), shall we call it a trial and now we get serious? Can you take a moment to reflect upon your honesty? How honest have you been with yourself as you've attempted reaching these goals and resolutions?

Can you see how that same honesty shows up in all parts of your life? Sometimes we forget that we have this choice of honesty. I know! It seems ridiculous that we would forget that, but we do! How many times have you cheated on your goals and resolutions and found an excuse, or brushing it under the rug so you don't have to have a conversation with yourself? Or, how many times have you said yes to something when you don't really want it? Are you afraid of getting in trouble or being judged by yourself? Maybe by others? In doing this you build resistance. A vail is placed upon your eyes. The more you do this, the thicker the vail seems. Soon enough, you really don't know what you want anymore, or what your goals are anymore. 

Would it be possible for you to be okay with yourself? Just like when you go in to Lululemon and try on a bunch of things. You try them on. You see what sticks, what feels good, what looks good and you don't take the rest. You don't have to be scared someone is going to judge you because you grabbed that sports bra with all the strings thinking it was going to be the most adorbz thing on you yet and then realize it's the complete opposite. Right? You simply hand it back to the sales person and say thank you but no thank you. Right? 

Life is a series of choices. You try things on. Seeing what feels good and learn more about your wardrobe, getting clearer and clearer on what colors and styles you like on you. And when something doesn't feel good, you have the choice to be honest with yourself and those around you. As awkward and not easy standing by your truth may seem, it is one of the most important things to carry with you as a unique individual. Otherwise, how could you honor your unique individuality in relation to yourself and outside factors, like other people?

A relationship is when two unique individuals meet in the same place. For a successful relationship, this same space needs balance, responsibility, accountability, communication and community. In order to achieve those things in a union, you need to come as a unique individual first. 

Try it. Be honest with yourself. It's quite liberating. 

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See you on Love Day,
Orlee :)