Wow... 100 lbs have been lifted from my chest. Figuring out that sometimes you need to honor you and not work so hard to take care of everyone else. It's ok, the world will still be there even if you sit back and relax. Honor your moment without the work of mastering... And maybe you'll master. 
I often say in class, notice the mind chatter and sensations that come up. Know it's just chatter and sensations and they're not real. So stay in the uncomfort of the asana and find the comfort. When you think, "how can I get out of this?" Replace that with "how can I deepen?" Well, after last night with a good friend and after this mornings meditation, I say, "notice the thoughts. They're there. If you need to move, if you need to sit on your mat, if you need to cry and take some distance for awhile, it's ok. But just notice that that's happening. That's all." It might make it more approachable. Maybe then you can deepen. Maybe then you can let go. Maybe then you can master.
What are you trying to master? Are you mastering it? Or is trying to master it resisting it?