Comfortably Seated

As vacation comes to a close, I often hear people say, "back to reality." For me it's more like, "back to more yoga!" Haha! 
There is a difference though, right? Even though my life is yoga and my vacation was yoga, I'm going home to where I live, see the people I know, take on the responsibilities I have and just the process of life. Heartbreak, joy, sadness, missing, love and kindness. Like in this photo, is my life. It's a process. I will one day hold my handstand mid air (or maybe not 😜 trying not to look for something in the future), but right now I'm comfortably seated in the process of lifting my belly to get my legs up. Just like how in life I will one day have a partner... Or maybe not... I'm open to it and am entertained by watching the process. Right now that would be clearing the heart break and opening the heart for allowing.#mondaymantra = It truly is entertaining to watch the process of life from a comfortable seat in the midst of all of it.