Letting go. Soften. Relax. 

Sounds chill. Except, it's one of the hardest thing for most of us to do. We could be lying on a towel on the beach, a thought pops in about what we have to do later, we run down the list several times, just to make sure we got it, and then we check our phone to make sure we sent out that email, and look at the top right for the time and make sure we're good on time and think about how we're going to get to it all later. We've gone to the beach to relax, except we contracted around the anxiety that arose about the to do list thought that arose. 

The practice of letting go is easing in to the sensations. And, a lot of times clarity will arise from just that - softening around what's here and befriending ourselves. 

I recently went back to the same physical therapist that helped me with my hip reconstruction and shoulder repair. This time for a simple sprained foot. Having gone through many physical ailments, I naturally tense around the fear of these things.

She attempted to work on the mobility of my big toe. Moving it around, it felt like it did every time I've ever gotten a foot massage or pedicure. Painful and crunchy. Lying on the table, I closed my eyes and became present. I noticed the tension in my toe and realized I was holding. Immediately, I tried to change that. That didn't work. Wrong motivation. I opened to letting it in. ‘This too’. A memory arose of being right back here, on this table, working my hip and gripping with tension. ‘Oh!’, I realized. She's scared. The one within who is looking for protection. I silently said to her, "It's ok, I'm here. That was scary. And, we've been proven to that she has helped me tremendously before. We can trust her" And just like that, the crunching ended and my therapist blurted out, "Oh my goodness. It released." 

Of course, this is not how it always goes in physical therapy or in life outside of physical therapy. But it's breaking the pattern by coming back home to ourselves to in essence, free ourselves. 

So, the next time you sit or even if you are out, notice where you might be holding and instead of an undercurrent of resistance, can you simply acknowledge it is there and see what happens!